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The Power Of Gratitude In Business

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

By - Lauren Micchelli, Career/Executive Coach, Speaker, Certified Holistic NC

Sharing article by Lauren Micchelli - "When you think of “a business” what comes to mind?  Do you envision a big office space with people congregated in meeting rooms or typing away at their desks to meet urgent deadlines? Is there an immediate gravitation to the more corporate aspects of a traditional business? 

What about the other side of the spectrum, the business of human interaction?  Pause. Whoa. What was that?

You may be wondering – how does THAT fit into a business? It does, and it actually plays a critical role in the dynamics and success of an organization.  Let’s take this one step further – what comes to mind in regard to gratitude and – more specifically – gratitude in the workplace? Ever given it any thought?

By general definition, gratitude is the action of giving and receiving thanks as well as showing appreciation for others. Enhancing gratitude in the workplace – and between colleagues – can have a tremendous impact on an organization as a whole. 

Integrating gratitude into a professional environment, and ultimately weaving the thread into an organization’s cultural blanket, can strengthen relationships, build trust and be another avenue of support between business partners. 

There’s a very simple way to create this shift, and it can start with YOU. My A,B,C process is an easy way to tap into the business of human interaction. 

A- Acknowledgement  Take the time to slow down and see people as human beings with values, feelings and lives outside of the workplace. Acknowledge their milestones, contributions, and efforts. Acknowledgment can be as simple as a verbal or written show of appreciation, a celebration – such as a life event – or a smile in passing. Acknowledgement can go a long way in enhancing the employee experience. B- Behavior  Support and endorse positive attitudes, contributions and interactions of those around you at every level. Being supported and acknowledged helps employees to feel valued and “safe” in the workplace, and is the foundation for employees to share ideas and strengthen relationships. Employees that feel valued and “safe” will generally put more effort into their work, will seek out ways to best support their team and their manager, and will stay in their job longer. C- Consistency  Consistency in behaviors and acknowledgement of others creates synergy in the workplace and makes an organization one in which employees want to come to every day.  Synergy among employees is like magic. It can lead to greater efficiency, productivity and profitability for an organization.  Imagine applying this simple A,B, C process to make your work environment more collaborative, more enjoyable and more successful? And it ties back to the simplicity and power of gratitude. "

Lauren Micchelli Career/Executive Coach, Speaker, Certified Holistic NC — Published on November 20, 2019

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