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The Power Of Purpose

After more than 30 years of building great companies I can tell you without a doubt that money is not the primary motivation for employees to work hard and saving money is not the primary motivation for customers to be loyal to your company.

The primary reason that companies are able to make that leap from good to great is having a clear well communicated purpose that people can believe in and be inspired by. The Millennials understand this and are steering their careers and their spending habits based on supporting organizations that have a purpose that they believe in. Today more than ever people are shifting their behavior purely driven by aligning with people and organization that have a shared purpose.

A truly well communicated purpose will attract people to work with you, clients to buy from you and may even start a movement and change the world in positive ways. But even if you don't aspire to start a movement your purpose and passion demonstrated through your business will determine your success and impact on the people that engage with you. That impact will be a driving force in your life, either good or bad. We know that doing good is good business and that is what we aspire to do with each of our clients. Be well and live with purpose.

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